• Smart Building

    Smart Building

    Your security, comfort and convenience are important to us. So here are some ideas to help you to start building your Smart Ecosystem.
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  • We suggest you start with any 2KLIC® Smart Controller S series
  • Add 2KLIC® Smart Intercom K-1
  • With our Smart Controller and Smart Intercom you will be able to not only manage your building but also ensure efficiency and security through our 2KLIC® Platform:
    • Monitoring and optimizing your energy consumption so you can save on your energy bills
    • Manage your access with our Smart Intercom
    • Check your security cameras anywhere, anytime
    • With the above possibilities and more you can improve your security level
      • Receive Alerts and Notifications when a specific event occurs. For example, When there is a water leakage or a pipe burst, you receive an alert and you can also specify what to do: notify a specific person and/or send the maintenance team or contact us for assistance etc.
      • You can backup your videos for 30 days and up to 6 months

*Backup for more than 30 days available at certain charges, talk to your local reseller or contact the 2KLIC Service Center for more information

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