2KLIC® Smart Intercoms

2KLIC™ Smart Intercoms

With our smart intercoms, our clients can see who is at the entrance, answer and unlock the door. We also have a suite of other services available like unattended delivery.

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Product Overview

Checking who's at your doorstep and answering are very important. This is why we offer you our smart solution so you no longer have to worry about that. With our Smart Intercom, you can:

Notification-Management Notification Management

  • Decide your notifications priorities.
  • Decide who can answer your intercom.
  • Receive an alert when someone is at your doorstep even if they do not ring the bell.
  • See who is at your door and answer even when you are away.

With our 2KLIC® Smart Intercom K-1, you can also:

  • Define up to 3 functions.
  • Specify a security code to unlock your door.
  • Push just a button to call to the customer assistance centre (IoT Service Center®) if you should ever have need to contact us.


  Intercom B-1 Intercom K-1
Description Basic smart features More functions for consumers who want to make the most of their smart ecosystems
Image Intercom-B-1 Intercom-K-1
Call button
Audio communication
One way video streaming
Photo capture on call
Mobile client communication
Web based setup
Ringtone choice
Background music
Full screen display
Scenarios integration
White balance
Call by number -
Unlock by code -
Define up to 3 functions -
3x Programmable keys -
10 (12v 2.9A) -
Call our 2KLIC™ IoT Service Center -

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