FCC and TUV Certifications

We are honored to announce that 2KLIC has received a significant milestone; Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification. Many countries have their own certification process that ensures their product does not interfer with other electronic devices and also to garantee its technical reliability and environmental protection. FCC is a certification to enter United States market and other markets like Latin America.

2KLIC recieved FCC certificate for Computer IO, Smart Controller WS and Retrofit SZ10 products. The FCC brand employed on electronic products manufactured or sold in the United States implies that devices classified under part 15 (IT equipment like computers, monitors, television receivers, cable system devices, ...) and part 18 (industrial, scientific and medical devices that emit RF radiation), generated by a company don't have to interfere with other electronic devices. In other words, the 2KLIC products with FCC certification are within the limits approved; as FCC part 15 subpart B reported on 2KLIC Computer IO, Smart Controller WS and Retrofit SZ10, "the RF energy unintentionally emitted from these devices does not exceed the limits which means it does not disturb unwantedly broadcast radio services like television, FM radio, cellular telephones, emergency services, etc".

2KLIC is also attempting to get TÜV SÜD certificate to enter America, Canada and Mexico market. TÜV SÜD certification is about validating the safety of products to protect humans and the environment against hazards. We are doing our best to gain that certification as soon as possible to create economic values along side undertaking our social responsibilities.

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