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2KLIC Horizon Innovation

Design d’ameublement Creneau d'excellence developed the 2nd workshop on emerging technologies, resulted from Internet of Things and interactivity, on January 14 2016 at Cegep régional de Terrebonne, QC, Canada.

This workshop took place throughout a great interactive session in which the representatives of different domains such as handmade furnitures, staircases, fountains, sofas and bed bases, veneers, cabinets, bathrooms and office furniture.

Speakers presented different topics such as industrial designs, cooperative projects, expertise of entrepreneurs to stimulate the growth of this sector in the region and promote new market opportunities to Internet of Things industry.

Our Executive VP, Ludovic Mottini, presented the topic "The intelligent ecosystem" in which he underlined the importance of boosting the awareness and education to encourage the Internet of Thing industry to properly expand the research as well as to create a better understanding of Intellectual Property and its role in this new technology trend.

2KLIC Horizon Innovation

Finally, and following the presentations, a practical workshop with entrepreneurs was held to motivate learning and inspire ideas that may be feasible to seek new business opportunities in a growing market like the one of connected objects in view of globalization of the technology.

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2KLIC Horizon Innovation

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