Grand prix du design add

Now that 2KLIC products are ready to be public, we have to engage different ways to reach our customers and partners to see what works the best. In that regard, we developed the ad below for INTERIORS magazine, 9th edition. It is a lead magazine in the culture of design and architecture, with a wide range of professional, amateur designers and architects as its target audience, both within English and French speaking countries. 2KLIC® by presenting its intelligent products in this magazine as a recipient of several prestigious awards like Great Design Award of Quebec design professionals, has attempted to reach avant-garde lead architectures and designers considering futuristic perspectives in their projects.

However, as a non-architect or non-designer, if you are just looking for a luxury apartment look, more beautiful outdoors, more artistic furnitures, modern office or even a node of history in your shop, it may not be a far-fetched desire to take a look at page 164 of the magazine and try to Smart IT up! In that case, you can easily access more informations on the website to make your decision. Actually, since we were not intended to muddle things up in the ad, there is not too much details on the products. Besides we did not want an ad that blends in with the other ads in the issue. But if you thinks otherwise, just let us know.

2KLIC Grand prix du design
2KLIC Grand prix du design publication

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