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PCAI Program

The 2KLIC Group Inc. is pleased to announce their entry into the Canadian Program accelerators and incubators ( CAIP ) this April 1, 2015 .

2KLIC Inc. is a group specializing in research and development . They designed a seamless service answering five principles: Comfort, Safety , Ecology , Economics, Innovation . This technological phenomenon ,directly inserted in the market of connected objects, is materialized by a custom interface , and a controllable platform.

The Group has been retained by Inno-Centre among 150 companies selected and has distinguished itself as an innovative company that can aspire to world class caliber. Inno-center is an incubator expert since 1987 and it is a company commissioned by the Government of Canada to manage the CAIP in the Province of Quebec.

As a result, 2KLIC Inc. received funding over five years which is subject to strict obligations. The Canadian Program Accelerators and Incubators ( CAIP ) executed by the Industrial Research Assistance of the National Council of Canada Program ( NRC-IRAP) is one of the best programs in the world , which aims to support small and medium enterprises in terms of innovation support .

For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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