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Lightfair NY Event

2KLIC Inc. and its partner Lumca were able to get noticed in this first week of May with their first Smartpole for the market, universities, shopping centers and intelligent offices. This innovation provides the ability to remotely control a multicolored light signal, 3 cameras, a dimmable street lighting, LED two-sided billboard, electrical outlets, emergency intercom and a car charger, from the same interface.

2KLIC Inc. has integrated its revolutionary management system - soon available in the market for a personal use. The product 2KLIC ® has proven during the event of new architectures in Light |City. At the head of the race for innovation through its investment in research and development, 2KLIC Inc. has been able to affirm his taste for the avant-garde.

The features of this innovation are

  • Three cameras: on which it is possible to program the recording sequences and operation; get real-time statistics; make screenshots and others;
  • A programmable RGB light stick to the desire of the user and its versatile effect lights;
  • A programmable public lighting;
  • Two RGB screens used by a dashboard with multiple explanatory icons - chosen at the discretion of the user;
  • A programmable light;
  • Two USB ports available for all uses.
  • Intercom & his emergency button offering an interface where security is accessible and manageable
  • A charger for electric vehicles;

All accessible, controllable by mobile or fixed interface.

The integration 2KLIC® ensures the homogeneity of comfort, ecology, economy, safety and innovation.

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