2KLIC® Platform


Through the Platform, you can access different technological resources that allow you to grow your business.

The 2KLIC® IoT Platform is secure, faster and scalable for developing and deploying your IoT applications of connected objects.

Why to use 2KLIC® platform?

2KLIC’s platform is compatible with a large library of devices available from third party suppliers :

  • Zwave infrared detection
  • Opening of doors, windows, broken glass
  • Detecting humidity
  • Honeywell thermostat
  • etc ..

Create, customize and share devices!

In addition developers can create their own custom device, add them to 2KLIC platform and share it with the rest of the world, thus enabling hardware developers to sale and support their devices through 2KLIC API Services.

Developers can create data services associated to a set of devices and share/sell to end users on 2KLIC service center, thus allowing developers to reach worldwide markets.


Each application can be deployed on mobile phone or tablet and use the features of your module deployed on 2KLIC platform:

  • Registering and authenticating your API with the 2KLIC platform.
  • Using the 2KLIC authentication framework to connect users.
  • Accessing and filtering lists of IoT devices and modules.
  • Associating sensor modules with your API.
  • Monitoring, updating and interacting with your connected things.
  • Managing and interacting with events and alerts associated with connected devices.
  • Handling notifications.
  • Managing permissions by user, group, organization or equipment.
  • Telemonitoring of anything (temperature, humidity, presence, fire, smoke, flooding, toxic gases, etc.)
  • The remote control.
  • Anything that is controllable: débarrage doors, opening lights, activation of sirens scenarios.
  • User permissions: grant read, write and manage access to other users, groups and organizations.
  • Developers can manage their application and their vertical markets. Each application get an API-APPLICATION-KEY that can be used to do queries to the 2KLIC API.
  • Sending e-mails, sms detection évennement.
  • Viewing locations by IP HD cameras.
  • Management of cameras.
  • Opening and closing doors, opening lights, activation of sirens, etc.

Some industries using IoT technology



  • Soil humidity distribution monitoring
  • Pet control: animal detection
  • SmartFire Monitoring
  • SmartFarm Utilizing proprietary RFID transmission


  • Home security: arm/disarm your home, get notified in case of intrusion using a wide range of sensors (window, door, window break)
  • Video security
  • Access control: unlock your door remotely for your home or manage your employees scheduling access throughout your organization
  • Carbon monoxyde (CO) & CH4 (methane) monitoring


  • Managing supply chain with accuracy,
  • Reducing loss, theft and improve overall productivity by allowing efficiencies (just-in-time delivery).
  • Intelligently manage of inventory.

Business services

  • Mobile Payment & Loyalty
  • Smart financial services


  • Fleet management: calculate distances, calculate gas consumption, define geo-fence with notifications

Smart Cities

  • Network Operating Center (NOC): manage multiple locations

2KLIC® is ready to help you to build smart, innovative and connected IoT applications

Download 2KLIC SDK

1. Download our 2KLIC® SDK developed in Javascript


2. Configure the SDK and get more information about it


3. Know our API and access to its complete library

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