2KLIC® Interface


The interface provides developpers with all the access they need to control all the devices and monitor their ecosystem anywhere, anytime through 2KLIC Platform.

  • User’s gateway to 2KLIC Platform so that they can have access to all its features
  • Centralizing all properties so that users can have access at any time and anywhere
  • Compatible with all computer operating systems (Android, Mac OS, Linux, Microsoft, Ubuntu, etc.)
  • Compatible with all web browsers (Internet Explorer 11 or plus ??)
  • Managing user accounts: define how many users, their profiles and specify their access.
  • Creating scenariosand define what each device should do when a specific event occurs( water leakage, storm, etc.)
  • Action management: define the actions of compatible devices by simply pressing a button on the screen.
  • Notification management: decide the notifications priorities, type of alerts and who receives them.
  • Location Management
  • Alarm system: our clients can manage their alarm system anywhere, anytime, get notifications when a suspicious activity is identified in their account and network.