Let’s start developing apps in the revolutionary IoT world.

Founded in 2012, 2KLIC® is a company working with cutting-edge technology dedicated to the Internet of things (IoT) market, starting with the Smart Home and professional Smart Building segments.

Thanks to private funding the company has devoted three years developing an open and smart digital platform so that consumers can manage and monitor a range of objects connected to the Internet.

Our technology makes smart everyday objects and control all of them in a single platform, enabling scenarios based on time, events and behaviour. The developed platform is also scalable and has a real potential to provide control and intercommunication with connected objects offered by our specialized network of resellers.

We are building real partnerships for success with developers from everywhere to drive innovation further. Our API provides tutorials, forums, support, a Software Development Kit (SDK) and full documentation to help programmers get started.

To date, 2KLIC® has conducted the encryption of its entire ecosystem that allow the integration of many applications connected through a virtual server network. In the near future, all daily life objects will be connected and can be controlled from our smart 2KLIC® Platform.