2KLIC® Smart Controller W Series

2KLIC™ Smart Controller W Series

The 2KLIC® Smart Controllers - W Series are specially designed for smaller spaces.

The 2KLIC® WB-1 complements the 2KLIC® Smart Controllers - S Series giving it an extra edge. As for the 2KLIC® WS-1, it is perfect for smaller residential and business spaces.

Available in 2 models:

  • WB-1: Add it to any of the S series controller to get a little edge.

  • WS-1: Your start-up Smart Controller with all the basic functions you need, connectivity options, built-in camera and microphone, this Smart Controller will take you to another level.

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Product Overview

Our WS-1 Smart Controller is all you need for your condo or small office space. We made sure that it has everything needed to turn your environment into a smart ecosystem.

With our different connectivity options, Zigbee, Zwave 500 series, Bluetooth and WiFi, you can connect as many smart devices as you want. You can also connect up to 4 devices which use wired RJ45 connection.

Your WS-1 Smart Controller is the center of your smart ecosystem connecting you to all your smart devices via our 2KLIC Interface. While you're home or away, you can:

  • Manage all your smart devices.

  • Manage your users accounts: define the number of users, their profiles and specify their access.

  • Manage your users accounts: define how many users, their profiles, specify their access.

Energy Control Energy Control

  • Lights
  • Plugs Control
  • Dimmer Control
  • Thermostat Control
  • Shades/Blinds Control
  • Any other connected devices

Create your own scenarios Create your own scenarios

Define what your devices do when you're away, when a defined user enters, when a specific event occurs like water leakage, storm or even a party.

Action management Action management

Define the actions of your devices with a simple press of a button on your screen.

Notification management Notification management

  • Decide your notification priorities
  • type of alerts
  • who gets them
  • Communication: decide who can answer your intercom
  • Location management

Security Security

Receive notification when someone tries to access your account, when a strange device tries to connect to your network.

Alarm-System Alarm system

Manage your alarm system anytime anywhere.

Platform 2KLIC® Cloud*

  • Data Back-up
  • Centralize all your properties so you can have access anywhere anytime
  • Synchronize your data
  • Connect all devices & users
  • Data Back-up for all devices

*Some services may require data plan.


  WB-1 - Basic WS-1 - Advanced
DESCRIPTION Basic features to add a little edge to any S series controller For small residential or business consumers who want to add an edge to their environment
SD card 64GB Platform Platform
ZigBee 3.0 Platform
Z-Wave (500 series) Platform
WiFi (BGN 54 Mbps) Platform
Bluetooth 4.0 LoRa Platform
RJ45 10/100 POE Platform Platform
7’’ (1024x600) Platform Platform
(12v/20MA) Platform
1 (12v/1A) Platform
Proximity, Ambient Light, Motion, Gesture Control Platform Platform
Automatic updates Platform Platform
POE + 12v Optional Platform Platform
POE Switch or 12v Adaptor or 2KLIC Power Supply S-1 Platform Platform
L: 8.17'' (22.1cm), H: 5.00'' (12.8cm), Total Depth:Embedded .1/2''(1.2cm)Surface mount 1.5''(4.0cm) Platform Platform
2KLIC® Interface pre-installed Platform Platform

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