2KLIC® Smart Controller S Series

2KLIC™ Smart Controller S Series

Designed for medium and large spaces, these All-in-one S Series Controllers provide you with everything you need to stay in control of your environment. Choose from our 3 different models the one that suits your needs.

Available in 3 models:

  • SM 1 providing you with all you need to smart up your world.

  • SC 1 keeps you connected even without Internet.

  • SV 1 gives you an edge with video recording.

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Product Overview

The 2KLIC® Smart Controller - S series is the heart of your environment.

It connects you to all your smart devices from our 2KLIC® Interface, which enables you to:

  • Manage all your smart devices.

  • Manage your users accounts: define the number of users, their profiles and specify their access.

Energy Control Energy Control

  • Lights
  • Plugs Control
  • Dimmer Control
  • Thermostat Control
  • Shades/Blinds Control
  • Any other connected devices

Create your own scenarios Create your own scenarios

Define what your devices do when you're away, when a defined user enters, when a specific event occurs like water leakage, storm or even a party.

Action management Action management

Define the actions of your devices with a simple press of a button on your screen.

Notification management Notification management

  • Decide your notification priorities
  • type of alerts
  • who gets them
  • Communication: decide who can answer your intercom
  • Location management

Security Security

Receive notification when someone tries to access your account, when a strange device tries to connect to your network.

Alarm-System Alarm system

Manage your alarm system anytime anywhere.

Platform 2KLIC® Cloud*

  • Data Back-up
  • Centralize all your properties so you can have access anywhere anytime
  • Synchronize your data
  • Connect all devices & users
  • Data Back-up for all devices

*Some services may require data plan.

Product Specifications

  SM-1 - Basic SC-1 - Advanced SV-1 - Premium
DESCRIPTION Best as start-up for medium home & office areas For medium residential or business consumers who want to add another connectivity edge to their environment For medium residential or business areas with more storage features and video recording option
SD card 64GB Platform Platform -
HDD 120 GB - - Platform
ZigBee 3.0 Platform Platform Platform
Z-Wave (500 series) Platform Platform Platform
WiFi (BGN 54 Mbps) Platform Platform Platform
RJ45 10/100 POE Platform Platform Platform
Bluetooth 4.0 LoRa Platform Platform Platform
Lte - Platform Platform
12v optional 1 ou 5A Platform Platform Platform
POE Switch or 12v Adaptor or 2KLIC Power Supply S-1 Platform Platform Platform
L: 7.89' (20.38cm),H: 2.2'' (5.6cm),Depth: 7.89'' (20.38cm)for each product separately Platform Platform Platform
Video Recording - - Platform
2KLIC® Interface pre-installed Platform Platform Platform


2KLIC® Retrofit

2KLIC® Retrofit

Connect everyday devices to our Smart Controller

2KLIC® Power Supply

2KLIC® Power Supply

Power & Charge

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